Brisbane Cantonese Christian church is one of the few Chinese churches in the north side of Brisbane. We have both Cantonese and English service every Sunday morning. Chinese translation is also provided during the Cantonese service. In the afternoon, we have christian fellowships for both young adults and teenagers. We also have Chinese bible study class for adult. About once a month, both the English and Chinese congregation will join together to have a bilingual Sunday service. Our Chinese pastor is Leung Chi-Seng(梁志誠牧師). Our English pastors are Graham & Ellie Scott. Refer to our home page or Contact us page for  their contact details.

布里斯本粵語基督教會位於布里斯本北部的Kedron鎮,我們有粵語和英語崇拜,粵語崇拜有華語翻譯.下午有各團契活動,成人主日學. 每月有一次中英文聯合崇拜.我們中文部的梁志成傳道精通國語,粵語,和英語.星期五晚上有學生青年團契,成員主要來自香港. 各樣詳情請看本綱站其他部份.

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