History 教會簡史 English Version

History of Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church (BCCC)

BCCC is located in the suburb of Kedron, 6km north of the Brisbane CBD, and is an interdenominational evangelical church.

 In the early 1980’s, the church was started by two young families who loved God. They had observed many Christian migrants from Hong Kong and Macau coming to Brisbane and falling away from the faith because of a lack of worship services and fellowship in their own language. The increasing number of many overseas students from Hong Kong and Macau in Brisbane meant that the Cantonese-speaking Christian community had a great opportunity for evangelism. However, the lack of Christian fellowship and worship in Cantonese made outreach and discipleship extremely difficult.

In 1983, in response to these needs, two couples started a Friday night Cantonese Bible study. The participants were mainly overseas students. On Sundays the attendees worshipped in various Australian churches. In 1984, the number of participants in the Bible study had grown and everyone involved wanted to have their own worship service. After much prayer, Mr & Mrs Peter Lui opened their home and held the first worship service on the 20th .The church was given the name “Brisbane Cantonese Gospel Hall” and Cantonese was used for Christian fellowship and worship services. This greatly helped those who preferred to Cantonese for worship.

Gradually the congregation grew and the Luis’ home became too small to accommodate all the attendees. Also the great number of cars parking around their home was causing tension with their neighbours. So in June 1985, the church started renting the East Brisbane State School for worship services, Sunday school, and youth fellowship. However, other church related activities could not yet be held because the Church still lacked its own space.

That same year, Rev. Chi Hing-chau and his wife migrated to Brisbane, and in September, he was employed as the first pastor of the church. He led the church’s ministry, and subsequently, the name of the church was changed to “Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church”. There were about 50 people in the congregation at this time, and the Deacons Board saw the need for permanent premises. So the Church Building Committee was formed in order to raise funds and plan for the purchase of a building, with the view to extend the work of the church. After praying for some time, the church bought the vacant premises of St. James Church in Kedron at a price well below the market value at that time. On the 20th of March 1988, the old Anglican church was reopened for the Chinese congregation to worship God. It was an amazing blessing from God that the congregation now had a permanent home. Subsequently, the Deacons Board applied to the government for BCCC to become a not-for- profit organization. At this time, the church developed its church constitution.

Praise God, in 1992, the Church bought a 2-storey house (now the Grace House) behind the church on Eleventh Ave for use by the pastor and the Sunday school. In 1995, the church purchased another residential home (now the Praise House) adjacent to the church on Tenth Ave for use as classrooms and for other church activities and gatherings. In order to make the best use of our space, the church has carried out building work at six different times:

1989 – built the church office, library and toilets

1990 – modified the pulpit of the church

1992 – constructed the covered walkways and car park area

1997 – constructed the small chapel and baptistry

2000 – renovated the interior of the Praise House

2004 – extended two rooms in the church building

Praise the Lord! During its developing phases, the church has been greatly blessed by God with a number of gifted pastors to minister to the congregation.

Our pastors have been:

1984 – Mr. Peter Lui Chuen-Kwong, who opened his family home for the Sunday worship service and established “Brisbane Cantonese Gospel Hall”

1986 – Rev. Chi Hing-Chau (deceased) extended the gospel work, forming “BrisbaneCantonese Christian Church”, and developing plans to purchase permanent church premises

1989 – Pastor Isaac Lam conducted door to door evangelism and invited international students from Hong Kong to attend the church

1990s – Rev. Samuel Wong ministered to the large migrant community from Hong Kong, and organized the fund-raising for expanding the church

2000s – Rev. Tso Wing-wah began ministry to the church’s second generation

2003 – Youth worker, Mr Garth Murray ministered to the English speaking members of the church and commenced English worship services.

2012 – Pastors Graham and Ellie Scott joined us as our English Pastors to oversee our English Ministry.
Rev. Vincent Wei Jiang (Wai-chong) Hwang joined us as our Chinese minister to maintain and grow the Chinese ministry.

Under God’s grace and their leadership, the church is now able to fully worship God in both Chinese and English.

Since 2012, the Church now has Chinese and English worship services with meet separately in two buildings. The arrangement allows the Chinese speaking and English speaking congregations to worship God at the same time, and enables mixed-language families to attend church together.

Glory to our Mighty God!

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